Saturday, September 24, 2011

Preparing for the Winter Ahead

Autumn is coming here on the shores of the lake.  Early morning fog rolls off slowly to show water banded by trees that no longer reflect only the greens we saw all summer.  Fewer birds call and there is a sense everywhere of preparation.  On the days when the sky is blue, the contrast is remarkable.

I took a break to drive down to Minneapolis and spend a few days at the trade show for independent booksellers.  I have gone to this show several times and so I have gotten to know some of the booksellers and publishing 'reps' who come.  It's always great to see these amazing book lovers get together and talk about their business.  Most are still doing OK, despite all the competition they face.  They discuss ways to help connect folks of all ages with great books. I got to hear from some authors.  Christopher Moore was a surprise to me and I think it's time to read some of his books.  On the YA side, Scott Westerfeld gave a great talk on how illustration has disappeared from adult books, why he added it to his new series and how he thinks 'fan art' has replaced some illustration and blossomed on the internet.  

Of course I came home with a stack of books. In my defense (if I need one) I left way more untouched than I took.  However, who could resist the newest book from Jeffery Eugenides, which won't even be out until October, or a new book by Ron Rash, when I've read everything he's written.  And after laughing until I cried at Chris Moore, I have to read Sacre Bleu.....  So you see the dilemma.
Anyway, I have at least another week up here to put a dent in my pile.  Cool days and a warm cabin suggest reading. I'll just get started so I can pass some of these on to other book lovers in my life.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cold Toes

My toes are cold.  This means fall has arrived.  With apologies to my sister, who could do without the really hot days, I love summer.  Any day where I can get up, put on my flip-flops and wear them until I put on pj's at night, is a perfect day in my mind.  Red toe nails and sandals are a match made in heaven.

For the past few days, the sky has been glorious, the air crisp and clear  and the temps reasonable enough to have the windows open, so there are many reasons to be happy.  I have noticed.  We had a wonderful family gathering Saturday and spent the afternoon being entertained by a darling almost-one year old.  I loved every minute, even if my toes were getting colder as the day went on.

I'm trying not to let my cold toes get me down.  I also know that in my sock drawer are several pairs of hand-knit socks.  They almost make sock weather worth while.  When my sister gave me my first pair of homemade socks, I was thrilled.  Nothing is warmer and prettier but I never planned on making any.  They looked like way too much work.  Janie convinced me I could do it.  Now I love knitting socks although I still stick to the easy ones.  Turning a heal is a time-honored tradition among sock knitters. Just saying it makes you feel warmer.

So I will try to enjoy every day, warm or cold.  I guess you can have red toe nails, even under beautiful socks.  And sandal weather will always come again.