Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Change of Scenery

A week ago Saturday we left Omaha and six hours later we stepped out of the airport in Libera, Costa Rica, where it was 90 degrees and everyone in our immediate area was a surfer dude.
We slathered ourselves with sun block, put on hats and T-shirts and stayed in the shade while enjoying the glorious warmth.

We traveled with a group of six friends and friends-to-be.  Mark is always happy in a crowd but I tend to be a bit of a lone wolf so it's good for me to mingle a little.  I have more moments when I would be happy to hide behind a book.  One morning I gathered my coffee and toast and prepared to sit quietly and enjoy the sun on the deck only to find, after about 2 minutes, that someone wanted to join me and talk about everything planned for the day.

There were other moments when I was out of my comfort zone as we call it these days.  I went zip-lining for the first time although I did pass on white-water rafting later that same day.  I wasn't sure my heart could take it.  On a boat ride down the river I had a monkey crawl across my shoulders.  While everyone else was saying how cute he was, I was holding my breath.  All the birds were wonderful and I was fine watching them from the river but wasn't really ready to get close-up and personal with the wildlife.

All in all it was a great experience and I would go back there any time.  Now I'm back to knitting and reading  but that little bit of warmth and daring will hold me through the rest of the winter.

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